A message from our co-founder Sam:
Congrats on your acceptance, here’s your welcome package!

Because we love our ambassadors, we will be providing you with 50% off every purchase you make with us forever! Copy and paste the following code below to get your 50% off at checkout! WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO BUY CLOTHING, PEOPLE WILL MORE LIKELY USE YOUR FOLLOWERS CODE IF THEY SEE THAT YOU'RE WEARING THE CLOTHES. NOTE: IF YOUR CODE HAS A "+" PLEASE REPLACE IT WITH A SPACE AT CHECKOUT! DISCOUNT CODES ARE NOT VALID ON PRODUCTS ALREADY ON SALE!

Once you get your clothing be sure to send us your pictures to support@coastlclothing.com, DM us, or tag us in the picture! We make sure that all our ambassadors get featured in front of all our followers! Note: High quality pictures will only be posted on the instagram and have to be emailed to us. Other pictures will be posted on our Instagram story if they don't meet our standards.

Not many brands offer 20% commission, but we do! Post your picture on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform with your follower code in the caption! If your follower uses the code they will receive 20% off their purchase and you’ll receive 20% commission on that sale. You'll be notified via email when you make a sale and we will arrange payment with you!